Can I download a tenancy agreement?

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You can download a free tenancy agreement template in word or pdf from various sources including the government's website. It is important to note that the government's model tenancy agreement is not always suitable in particular if you are looking for a HMO tenancy agreement or a lodger licence.

Editing any document in word or pdf presents its own risks which is why it is best to download a contract template after it has already been tailored to your specific needs, ideally by the platform offering the template.

You can also create your own tenancy agreement using Legislate. Creating your assured shorthold tenancy agreement with Legislate guarantees that the terms are up-to-date and compliant with the law and that you won't make mistakes during the tailoring process. Simply answer some simple questions and the correct tenancy agreement will be generated for you. There is also no need to download the tenancy template as you can invite the other side to view the contract and sign directly in Legislate. This means more transparency and less paperwork for everyone involved.

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