Learn how to Legislate in five steps

Create fair contracts faster. Manage contracts easily.

Legislate in five simple steps

Select a contract
Select the type of agreement you want to create

Choose from a selection of common business contracts.

Set the contract terms
Set your terms

Decide on the scope of the contract.

Define the contract parties
Add parties to your side

You can create contracts for yourself or colleagues. You can also add a witness, legal counsel or supporting signatories if required.

Invite the parties to the contract
Invite parties from the other side.

All you need is their email address. The parties are then saved in your private address book.

Agree and sign the contract
Agree on the terms and sign!

Negotiate until you are happy with the terms and sign via Legislate.

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Ready to go
Legislate offers you a selection of lawyer-reviewed contract templates.
Automated insights
Knowledge graph powered  insight discovery for your contracts.
Smooth contracting
Negotiate a contract digitally from one place without redlines.
Advanced contract lifecycle management
Track your contracts over a clean and modern layout.
Accessible from any device
Legislate is mobile friendly and works on any device.
Top security
We use the latest security and authentication technology.
legislate analytics dashboard

Automatically discover insights

Aggregate statistics are calculated each time you legislate.
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Tailor your own Contracts

Quickly and without mistakes.