Can I evict a lodger immediately?

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Lodgers who share a kitchen, bathroom or other living accommodation with the landlord are considered “excluded occupiers” and so can be evicted easier than tenants. You do not need to obtain a court order. If you have a rolling arrangement all you need to do is give notice as per the agreement or “reasonable” notice. If you have reached the end of a fixed term arrangement then you do not need to give any notice.

How do I evict a non paying lodger?

If a landlord has given notice and the lodger refuses to leave a landlord can evict the lodger peaceably. This may involve changing the locks when the lodger is out of the property. The landlord can also make an emergency application to the court for an interim possession order. If 24 hours after the order is served the lodger has not left the property, the police may access the property and remove the lodger. 

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