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Preparing a tenancy agreement for a new letting can be daunting. Tailoring a tenancy template to your specific requirements leaves you in the unknown and will not guarantee that the resulting contract is legaly valid unless you are familiar with the law. This short tutorial will explain how you can tailor your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (AST) with Legislate in minutes whilst offering a delightful experience to your tenants.

The first step is to select the type of AST you are creating. If you are unsure which agreement is appropriate for your situation we would suggest reading our explainers for HMOs, bedsits and sole occupancys. Moreover, a landlord’s obligations will vary depending on the property and arrangement. Before renting your property you can also familiarise yourself with our checklist.

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Once you have answered Legislate’s questions about the tenancy, a first draft will be available for preview. The contract can be prepared by the Landlord or an Agent on their behalf. If you need to make changes, simply go back to the terms tab and the updates will automatically be reflected in the contract preview. If you have a logo, you can upload it to the document.

Legislate contract preview

The next step is to invite you tenant via the People tab. They will receive their invitation via email and will be able to update their details when they accept the invitation.

Legislate people

You will then be able to keep track of the invitation and contract signing process from the Activity tab.

Legislate activity tab

The tenant will be able to review the terms and the contract in their own Legislate vault once they have accepted the invitation. They can message you in the chat if they have questions and can see an audit log of any changes that are made to the terms.

Finally, your contract dashboard is where you’ll be able to monitor this tenancy and any other agreements you have legislated.

Legislate dashboard

Landlords and agents make fewer mistakes using Legislate and don't need to worry about their contract templates being out of date. Tenants prefer Legislate because our templates are fair and they can access their contract at any time before, during and post tenancy from their Legislate vault.

You can learn more about Legislate's Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements by visiting our contracts pages.

If you would like to legislate your ASTs, please join our waiting list or book a call with us to discuss your requirements and see a demo.

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