How to create a Guarantor Agreement on Legislate. 

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It is commonplace in rental properties, particularly student lets, for a landlord or letting agent to require a Guarantor. A guarantor will promise to be responsible for the tenant’s obligations, such as the payment of rent, under a contract if they fail to perform them. Giving the responsibility that a guarantor is undertaking it is important to have a carefully drafted agreement that outlines their obligations. Legislate’s Guarantor Agreement is drafted with this in mind and outlines clearly what obligations the Guarantor will undertake. 

Read on to learn how to create a Guarantor Agreement on Legislate. 

Step 1: Set the terms of the agreement by working through the prompts on the platform. 

Guarantor agreement terms tab

Step 2: Preview the agreement.  Legislate’s technology automatically populates all of the information you have provided into a robust and binding contract. 

Guarantor agreement contract preview

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Step 3: Add the parties. Once you have reviewed the contract and are happy with its terms, you can now add the parties to the agreement. The guarantor will receive an email inviting them to collaborate on a contract on Legislate where they will create an account to have permanent access to the agreement. 

Guarantor agreement people tab

Step 4: Communicate! Legislate logs all contract updates and changes in the Activity Tab so both parties are aware of the contract’s progression. The ‘Activity Tab’ can also be used by the parties to communicate about the agreement’s terms. 

Guarantor agreement activity tab

You will also be notified by email if any messages are sent through the activity tab, so there is no need to worry about being out of the loop of communication. 

Step 5: Sign! Once both parties are happy with the agreement they are invited to sign the contract using either their trackpad, screen or by uploading an existing signature. 

Legislate takes the work out of contracting. Our users prefer Legislate because they trust our templates and like being able to manage all of their contracts in one place, at the touch of a button. 


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