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Privacy Notices are required under UK GDPR. Where someone holds  information about individuals, that individual has a right to know how their data is being used and processed. Whilst often associated with consumers, it is crucial you also supply your employees with privacy notices.

At Legislate we can assist you from start to finish: supplying you with employment offer letters, employment agreements and crucially those privacy policies.

Read on to learn how to create your first Privacy Notice on Legislate! 

Step 1: First you need to select the terms of your privacy notice. For example, you will need to outline what kind of information your company will hold. 

Legislate terms tab

Step 2: Next, a preview of your privacy notice will be available to you. The terms you have filled in with auto-populate in the notice. 

Legislate privacy notice

Step 3: Once you have reviewed your privacy notice and are happy with it, it is time to invite the parties to the notice. You can add your company (with information about your company auto-filling once you’ve entered its name) as a party to the notice. 

The other party, for example your prospective employee, will then be invited to collaborate with you via email. For them, the terms of the agreement will be frozen. 

Legislate people

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Step 4: The other party should then review the notice and ensure they consent to its terms. A log of all activity is recorded under the ‘Activity tab’ and parties can use this to discuss or question any terms in the notice. Terms can be altered by the notice creator. 

Legislate activity tab

Step 5: Once both parties have read and agreed, they are invited to sign the notice on the platform. 

Legislate signature

Keeping on top of your contracts is crucial for any business. Legislate’s patent-pending knowledge graph technology makes this process easier than ever. The Legislate dashboard will also help you keep on top of your contracts and their progress. 

Legislate team metrics

Visit our Privacy Notice page to learn more or read more about our other business related contracts, such as our employment agreement, on our tutorial page

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