How to create a Staff Handbook

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Creating a staff handbook with Legislate ensure that your employees understand your organisation's rules and policies. Legislate's staff handbook has all the essential clauses which can be tailored to your business requirements.

Step 1: Select the staff handbook from the list of available contracts

To create a staff handbook, navigate to the contract list from the contract dashboard and select create a contract.

Legislate contract dashboard

Step 2: Set the terms of your staff handbook

Answer Legislate's simple questions to tailor your staff handbook to your requirements.

Staff handbook terms tab

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Step 3: Preview the staff handbook and invite your employee

Once you have answered the questions you will be presented a preview of your staff handbook. Invite the employee to sign if you are happy with it. Alternatively, change your answers to the terms tab questions to generate a new staff handbook.

Staff handbook preview

Step 4: Sign the staff handbook

You and your employee can sign the staff handbook to confirm you have read and agree with the company's rules and policies.

Legislate staff handbook activity tab

To create your staff handbook, simply register and account and select the staff handbook from the list of available contracts!

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