Which tenancy agreement do I need for renting a room?

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The tenancy agreement you need for renting a room will depend on the room and your situation.

  1. If you are a live-in landlord:
    If you are renting out a room in your main home then you are taking on a lodger and will need a lodger licence agreement. You can take on multiple lodgers in your house but will need to check with your council if you need a HMO licence if you are taking on more than 2. If you are taking on more than 2 people in the context of a HMO then you will need a HMO tenancy agreement.
  2. If you are not a live-in landlord:
    If your property is a HMO then you will need a HMO tenancy agreement. If not and you are renting separate rooms, you will need a bedsit tenancy agreement.

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