How much notice does a private tenant have to give?

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The length of the notice period which a private tenant needs to give to end a lease is usually specified in the tenancy agreement. If this is not done, then for tenancies where rent is paid weekly, fortnightly, or four-weekly, the tenant should give at least 28 days’ notice. If rent is paid monthly, the tenant should give at least 1 month's notice. The notice must end on the last day of a rental period i.e. the day by which the rent is due.


Please note that if a tenant wants to end an assured shorthold tenancy early, they can either (i) use a break clause in the tenancy agreement, or (ii) speak to the landlord and try to reach an agreement.


A tenant does not need to give notice to leave at the end of the fixed term, but it is courteous to tell a landlord of one’s intention to move out of the property before the final day of the lease. 

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