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Electronic signature software platforms have grown significantly in recent years with such growth accelerated by the pandemic. Such platforms are an efficient way to manage your workflow and indeed CRM systems have caught on to how adopting this functionality eases business processes. It is relatively commonplace now to receive a tenancy template via an esign company, or at least to have access to online documents. Signable, has grown significantly and in this article we will provide an overview of Signable and address some frequently asked questions relating to what documents you can upload, whether it is compatible with mobile and how much it costs.

What is Signable?

Signable is an eSignature (electronic signature) platform that allows business with a signable account to sign documents electronically. The signature software allows signers to esign documents in 5 steps:

1. Upload the document or template that needs signing

2. Add the parties they want to esign the document

3. Add text, date and signature fields

4. Send the documents via email to the signatory

5. Sign by either typing your signature, uploading a signature or drawing your signature in the text box

When sending documents to be signed, Signable creates a full audit trail for your tracking. Users can provide their digital signature from any device, including mobile devices and can upload templates using PDF documents, Microsoft Word documents or Excel.  

Signable Pricing

Signable offers flexible pricing plans whereby users can 'pay as you go', pay a monthly subscription or they can invoice annually. Prices range from £1 to £199+VAT, depending on what plan you select, based on the number of 'envelopes'  (documents) you need to send and whether you require additional needs, such as API access. The complete pricing plans are available at www.signable.co.uk.

How is Signable different from Legislate?

Legislate is different to Signables in that Legislate provides lawyer-reviewed contract templates that users can then set the terms of by filling in contract terms through a series of questions and dropdowns. The contract will then be auto-generated and can be sent to parties for signature. Legislate is used by small businesses wanting to ensure their contracts are legally compliant and that they provide their business adequate protection, such as relating to the confidentiality of their data in employment contracts.

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