What makes a section 21 notice invalid?

There are multiple ways a section 21 notice might be invalid: 

  • If the tenant doesn't have an AST
  • If the tenant isn't given enough notice 
  • If the landlord/agent didn’t protect the deposit 
  • If the landlord/agent didn’t give the tenant information on the deposit protection scheme used
  • If there is a mistake on the s 21 notice e.g. misspelled name 
  • If the landlord needed to get a license to rent the property but didn't do so 
  • If the landlord/agent didn’t use the prescribed form 6a
  • If the landlord doesn't start court proceedings within 6 months of serving the s 21 notice
  • If the s 21 notice was served within the first 4 months of the tenancy starting 
  • If the tenancy started after 1 Oct 2015 and the landlord didn’t give the tenant valid gas safety certificate, EPC, or ‘How to rent’ guide
  • It’s possible to challenge s 21 notice if landlord charged fees banned by Tenant Fees Act 2019, overcharged deposit, or if it’s served because the tenant asked for repairs

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