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What does a ‘full management’ letting agent do?

Lorraine DindiLorraine Dindi
Last updated on:
January 21, 2022
Published on:
November 9, 2021

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The services provided by a full management letting agency

The main services offered by a letting agency are “full management” and “let only”. This article explains the services you should generally expect when you hire a letting agent to manage your rental property.

Please note that each letting agency is different, and the services they provide will be uniquely tailored to what they are willing and able to perform. This is only a general guide of what to be expected. 

What does a letting agent do before and at the start of a tenancy?

The tasks of a letting agent before and at the start of a tenancy are discussed in this piece on “let only” agents. In summary, they include advising a landlord on their legal responsibilities and rent prices, finding an appropriate tenant and vetting them, drawing up an inventory and creating the tenancy agreement.  The letting agent is allowed to sign the tenancy on the landlord's behalf if they have their permission.

Another important task which a full management letting agent will complete at this stage is visiting the property to perform certain checks. The agent or their contractor will inspect the gas, electricity, plumbing etc to make sure the state of the rental property is up to regulation. The agent should also conduct a Legionella risk assessment at this stage.

What are the responsibilities of a full management letting agent?

A full management letting agent takes responsibility for the tenancy deposit. This means asking for it and protecting it in one of three government-approved tenancy deposit schemes. The letting agent will then give the tenant details of that scheme within 30 days.

When a tenant moves in, they are legally required to be provided with certain information. This includes a government “How to rent” guide, a copy of a valid Gas Safety Certificate, and if the property is in England, a copy of the latest Electrical Installation Condition Report.

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What does a full management letting agent do throughout the tenancy?

Throughout the tenancy, the letting agent will collect regular rent from the tenant and follow up with the tenant if any arrears are accrued. The agent will oversee periodic inspections of the property, as well as mandatory checks to ensure the home remains at an acceptable standard and is fit for human habitation. If there are any repairs to be made which are the landlord’s responsibility to fix, the letting agent will handle the repairs. Maintenance becomes a key task of the full management letting agent.

What will a full management letting agent do towards the end of a tenancy?

Towards the end of a tenancy, the letting agent will inform the tenant of how to leave the property or let the tenancy turn periodic. When a tenant moves out, the agent will carry out a final inspection and compare the condition of the property and its contents to how they were in the initial inventory. Any discrepancies will likely result in sums being withheld from the deposit. In case of a dispute concerning the deposit, the letting agent will be responsible for settling it. 

Other duties of a letting agent include serving eviction notices, amending and renewing tenancy agreements, and negotiating rent

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