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What does a ‘let only’ letting agent do?

Lorraine DindiLorraine Dindi
Last updated on:
January 21, 2022
Published on:
November 9, 2021

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The services provided by a let only letting agency

The main services offered by a letting agency are “let only” and “full management”. This article explains the services you should generally expect when you hire a letting agent to help run your rental property, and you pick the let only option. 

Do note that each letting agency is different, and the services they provide will be uniquely tailored to what they are willing and able to perform. This is only a general guide of what to be expected.

Every good letting agent will be an expert on the laws governing private rentals in the housing sector, and will thus be able to provide their clients (i.e. the landlord) with information on their legal responsibilities. This guidance could be anything from obtaining the appropriate landlord or HMO license before renting the property to seeking consent to rent from any superior landlord or mortgagor. 

The letting agent may even advise the landlord on market rent so that the landlord is more informed when setting the rent price.

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What is a let only agent's main task?

A let only agent’s main task will be to source a tenant for the landlord. This task involves visiting the property to take photos and even drawing up a floor plan to show prospective tenants. The property will then be advertised on the right channels. Once people show interest in the property, the letting agent can organise viewings and then vet the tenant through credit checks, references, and the right to rent

Before the tenant moves in, the letting agent will need to organise a number of important documents such as the inventory and schedule of condition (note that online letting agents are unlikely to offer this service). Many agents will then draw up the tenancy agreement which details the rights and duties of tenant and landlord, and even sign it on the landlord’s behalf. 

To complete the service, the letting agent may give the tenant certain things which are required at the start of the tenancy, such as an up-to-date copy of the government’s “How to rent” guide.

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