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How to hire a team quickly

Charles Brecque
October 9, 2021

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Growing a team is one of the most crucial parts of building a successful business. Hiring too slowly or hiring the wrong people can be painful and derail growth. Whilst it might be tempting to use recruiters or agencies, using them will only amplify the costs if ever you make a mistake. In this article we share our 5 step process for growing a team quickly in 2021 and beyond.

1. Define the gap you are filling

You first need to understand the gap in the team you are trying to fill and how you would like to fill it. Trying to fill in the gap yourself is the best way to understand the complexity of the gap and required skill sets to fill it. By trying the role yourself or with colleagues, you might also realise that you can fill the gap with existing resources or with automation or no-code tools like Zapier or Outfunnel.

2. Define how the gap will be filled and maintained

After defining the requirements, the next step is to assess if this is a permanent role and whether it will be full time or not. This is important as it will impact where you look for candidates. For example, a part-time role might be suitable for an intern who you’ll be more likely to find through University channels. You might want to consider a fixed term role for a gap which won’t need much maintenance after it has been filled in. Fixed term projects can be solved by consultants or fixed-term employees. Making sure you have the right contract is key as you don’t want to be liable for employment taxes when contracting consultants.

3. Define who can fill the gap

The final step before searching for candidates is to determine if the tasks need to be performed in person or not. This will depend first of all on whether your team currently operates remotely or in-person. It will also depend on the nature of the tasks and whether they can be performed autonomously or collectively. Determining the possible work locations of candidates will ultimately impact the size of the talent pool you can recruit from and how quickly because different regions have different rules and notice periods. You might also want to consider building an offshore team to leverage the benefits of remote and in-person simultaneously.

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4. Optimise your search

Now that you have determined the gap you are filling, who’s going to fill it and how, you can start your recruitment search. The most effective way of sourcing candidates is to combine a search with job posting on platforms like LinkedIn or AngelList. This allows candidates you are reaching out to, to read the job description before responding to you. The second advantage of posting jobs is you might also receive applications from great candidates that are worth interviewing. You can post jobs anywhere you believe your candidates are likely to find them. This can mean Facebook groups, online classified ads or even your local newspaper. You can scale the posting using platforms like Workable and you can also contact the careers teams of Universities for internships or graduate level positions.

5. Secure your successful candidates with contracts

Once you have interviewed candidates and determined they are a good fit, it is important to give them a first good impression with a smooth contracting experience. Not providing a formal offer letter or contract within hours of making a verbal offer can increase the chances of the candidate dropping out of the process. The best way of assuring you can provide contracts to candidates in an agile way is to already have the required templates at hand. Companies tend to think of the basics such as employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements but will not think of the offer letter or consultancy agreement when sourcing their first templates. Moreover, it is important to make sure that the contract templates you use are up-to-date as they might be incomplete or contain illegal clauses. Subscribing to a platform like Legislate means you don’t need to worry about not having the right contract at hand or using old templates.

In this article we’ve shared our 5 step process for growing a team quickly and cost-effectively. It is important to do the initial research to make the recruitment process effective and have adequate contracts in place to secure candidates smoothly. If you have suggestions on how to recruit faster, let us know! If you are missing contracts in your recruitment process, why don’t you try Legislate?

The opinions on this page are for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice on which you should rely.

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