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May 7, 2023
Published on:
January 7, 2022

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Sourcing candidates can be a full-time job for recruiters and small businesses alike. Efficiently identifying active job seekers or passive candidates who would like to fill in your job roles is critical for the success of your hiring process. This article shares top tips for sourcing qualified candidates efficiently.

Employer brand

Your best asset for sourcing candidates is your employer brand as it will naturally attract candidates who aspire to be part of your vision and company culture. Your social media channels can communicate your employer brand and reputation as well as review websites such as Glassdoor and Trustpilot. Your own team can also generate employee referrals if they enjoy working for your company. You can elevate your social media platforms by partnering with influencers but it is important to remain authentic.

Networking events

Face-to-face events are a great opportunity to meet potential candidates and introduce them to your company and open roles in a casual setting. Hiring managers should proactively participate in meet ups and conferences which ideal candidates are likely to visit. These sessions should also be used to qualify candidates based on their interests and vision for their career paths.

Recruiting on LinkedIn

Recruiting on LinkedIn is probably already part of your recruitment process but most recruiters are note leveraging Linkedin as much as they could for souring the best candidates. The most complete LinkedIn profiles are not necessarily great candidates so it is important to search by niche skills which only qualified candidates would list on their profile and interview them before putting them into your hiring process. This will ensure you do not miss out on candidate profiles that would be a great fit for your job openings.

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Niche job boards

When hiring certain positions, it can be more effective to list job opportunities on specialised job boards such as Dribble if you are hiring a designer or a local job board if you have job postings in your local area. Having an applicant tracking system will allow you to keep track of your candidates and open positions across your general and niche job boards so that applicants don't slip through.

Recruitment Agencies

To accelerate your recruitment efforts you can also consider working with recruitment agencies. After entering into a recruitment agreement with the agency, they will source resumes for you that meet your criteria. The recruitment agency will receive a commission if and when you make an offer to the candidate which can be a fixed fee or calculated from the candidate's base salary.

Additional tips to ensure your sourcing strategies are successful

Once you start to find candidates and refine your recruiting strategy, you can use recruiting tools to accelerate your outreach efforts. Tools like workable allow you to automate job postings on multiple boards from a single job title and job description. These tools can also help you find the right candidate by leveraging their internal algorithms to find job candidates which are likely to meet your criteria. Finally, once you have found top talent who are open to new opportunities at your company, it is essential that you can make them an offer and formalise their employment contracts swiftly to not loose momentum.

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The opinions on this page are for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice on which you should rely.

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