How to create a Consultancy Agreement with Legislate

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If often makes sense to hire consultants for certain projects when growing your business.

This short tutorial will show you how you can grow you business quickly by creating consultancy agreements on Legislate.

The first step is to set the terms of the consultancy agreement. The agreement can be created by the Client or the Consultant.

Legislate terms tab

The next step is to add the parties.

Legislate Party tab

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View Plans

You can review the details before sending the invitation.

Legislate review party details tab

The other side will receive an invitation by email. They can review the terms on their phone or laptop and can sign if they accept them.

Legislate Consultancy Agreement preview

You can keep track of your consultancy and other business related agreements from your legislate dashboard.

Legislate dashboard

Visit our Consultancy contract page to learn more! 

If you would like to create your contracts quickly and easily on Legislate and grow your business faster, please sign up for a trial or book a call with us to discuss your requirements and see a demo.

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