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What is a Consultancy Agreement?

A consultancy agreement allows a person or business (client) to contract a consultant to perform services over a specific period of time or a specific deliverable. The client owns all the copyright and intellectual property (IP) arising from the consultant and will remunerate the consultant for their services.

The consultant undertakes to perform the services agreed with due care and protect the client’s confidential information. Any losses incurred due to the consultant’s negligence, or breach of duty, will be directed towards the consultant. 

Consultancy agreements are used to: 

  • Appoint a self-employed consultant to provide services 
  • Appoint a consultant through intermediary company to provide services
  • Provide consultancy services to a business on a self-employed basis
  • Provide consultancy services to a business through an intermediary company ‍

Key features of a Consultancy Agreement: 

A consultancy agreement should outline the consultancy work to be undertaken and state a start date and the duration of the work. It should include clauses relating to confidentiality and IP and will include details relating to mutual termination and notice. 

Under a consultancy agreement, a consultant is obligated to: 

  • Provide consultancy services
  • Invoice client periodically
  • Protect client’s confidential information
  • Professional liability insurance

Under a consultancy agreement, the client will own all ensuing copyright and intellectual property rights in return of remuneration. 

Benefits of the Legislate Consultancy Agreement

Legislate’s consultancy agreement: 

  • Allows a consultant to perform services on a hourly, daily, weekly basis for a fixed or on-going basis
  • Allows a consultant to deliver a deliverable
  • Is lawyer reviewed and written in plain English
  • Clearly defines the obligations and rights of the Client and Consultant
  • Allows users to manage the delivery of services and deliverables from their legislate dashboard
  • Gives your consultants confidence in your company by adopting quick and efficient processes from the get-go

On Legislate, you can also access all the additional documents you need to grow your business including Non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, privacy policies and staff handbooks

How to create a Consultancy Agreement with Legislate

To create a consultancy agreement on Legislate simply set the terms of the services and invite the client and consultant to the agreement. Once they have previewed the agreement and accepted the terms, they can both sign the agreement. The contract can be created by the client paying for the services or the consultant delivering the services.


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For more information on how to create your agreements with Legislate, sign up, read our Consultancy agreement tutorial or book an introductory call with one of our team members.

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Consultancy Agreement

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