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A consultancy agreement allows a client to contract a consultant for services or a deliverable which will be defined in the statement of work. A consultant is not an employee of the client.

A part-time consultant will work a couple of hours a day or a couple of days per month to deliver the services to the client.

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A marketing consultant will determine which channels resonate the most with the client's customers as well as the right messaging to effectively communicate the business' value proposition.

A marketing consultant will need to protect the client's confidential information and templates or material developed by the consultant will become the client's intellectual property under the terms of the consultancy agreement.

Whilst marketing is important, early stage companies might prefer to contract a marketing consultant on a part-time or fixed-term basis until their product or services are ready for market. A consultancy agreement is a great way to formalise the terms of this arrangement and ensure the client and the consultant's rights and obligations are clearly defined.

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