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Last updated on:
October 21, 2022
Published on:
August 19, 2022

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Otta is a tech startup recruitment platform which aims to challenge legacy job posting platforms like Linkedin or Indeed. This short article explains what Otta is, the types of job seekers you can find on Otta, which companies can get the most out of the new platform and how to get started with Otta.

What is Otta?

Otta is a recruitment platform which aims to match candidates with the best startups. Otta does not simply provide job listings for candidates. Instead, the platform aims to match companies and candidates based on skills, career aspirations and fit. Otta guarantees a great experience for fast growth companies and job seekers by only adding high growth and innovative companies onto their website and optimising the recruitment process for candidates.

Otta aims to achieve this by building a job search experience that brings the best out of candidates. Otta also aims to bring more transparency to tech recruitment by providing salary insights and preventing bad recruitment practices like ghosting.

Who is Otta for?

Otta is primarily aimed at innovative and high growth startups which are looking to hire multiple positions on an ongoing basis. These companies tend to be venture backed and successful. Candidates on Otta tend to be looking for tech jobs at exciting startups.

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Is Otta good for employers?

Otta receives requests from 100s of companies every month to sign up and invests significant resources in setting companies up for success which is why their selection is strict. If your startup or small business is not growing quickly, has not raised significant venture capital funding or does not intend to advertise multiple jobs on an ongoing basis, it is likely that your business will not be accepted as part of the Otta application process.  Other reasons include hiring for a small number of roles in a competitive space or not being the type of company that candidates come to Otta looking for. If you are unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply again if your hiring requirements change significantly or ramp up.

How to get started with Otta

You can get started with Otta straight away if they Otta already created a profile for your company. You can find out if you have a profile by clicking on claim your profile.

Screenshot of Otta claim your profile page

You can apply for a profile if your company is not in the list by clicking on My company isn't in the list. You will be asked a set of questions in order to determine if your company is likely to be a good fit for Otta or not. The questions collect basic details about your company as well as your hiring goals. One of the requirements for joining Otta is that you are looking to hire at least one role in at least one of the following locations:

  • London, UK remote
  • Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Paris
  • Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, LA, Miami, New York, San Francisco Bay Area, USA Remote
  • Toronto, Vancouver, Canada Remote

After submitting your answers, Otta will get in touch within 24 hours to let you know if your application is successful or not. If you don't hear back, you can reach out via email to companies@otta.com.

To access your Otta account, you can visit Otta's home page and click on log in. Alternatively, you can access the email password log in page directly at https://hire.otta.com/login.

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