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When creating a student tenancy agreement, it is important that you and your tenant(s) are clear on the scope of your agreement. What better way to ensure your tenants understand the terms of their contracts than to have it readily accessible on their phone?

This short tutorial will explain how you can create a student tenancy agreement within minutes on Legislate.

The first step is to set the terms of the agreement. Legislate’s terms are thorough, robust and fair ensuring you, and your tenant, have adequate protection.

Legislate terms tab

A preview of your student tenancy agreement will now be ready for you.

Student tenancy agreement

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You will now need to specify the parties to the agreement. This can include a letting agent on behalf of a landlord and guarantors on behalf of the student can also be invited to sign.

Legislate people tab

Once invited, the parties will be sent an email notifying them of the agreement and inviting them to view it on the platform. When multiple parties are involved in signing (as is common in student tenancy agreements) distributing your contracts online will save you significant time.

Parties can also use the Activity Tab to communicate with each other, keeping all of your communications in one place.

Legislate activity tab

Both parties are then invited to sign the contract.

Our users prefer Legislate because our templates are simple, thorough and readily accessible. Legislate assists users through all stages of contract management and our users like being able to issue letters and notices on the back of their Legislate student tenancy agreements. Our contract insights put the manage in contract management.

You can learn more about Legislate's Student Tenancy Agreements by visiting our contract page!

If you are interested in legislating your student tenancy agreements please view our student tenancy agreement page, join our waiting list or book a call with us to discuss your requirements and see a demo.

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