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What is a Student Tenancy agreement?

A student tenancy agreement is a legal agreement between a landlord and a Full Time Student that permits the student to let an identified residential property, for a specified term, at an agreed rate.

The agreement covers the rights and obligations of both parties in detail to act as a reference for when a disagreement arises.

Key features of the Legislate Student Tenancy agreement?

  • Our lawyer-approved Student Tenancy agreements are robust and fair, clearly defining each party’s obligations
  • Our ‘terms’ tab breaks down your lengthy agreement to give you an overview of its key terms
  • Users can add guarantors to the contract at a touch of a button

Read our brief guide for additional information to help you build your lettings business on Legislate.

Main benefits of managing your student contracts with Legislate

  • Legislate users can access their contracts in under 30 seconds, from any device, at any time.
  • When managing multiple properties, Legislate’s tenancy statistics allow real time insights into your contracts.
  • Legislate’s document upload feature, rent arrear and increase letters and section 8 and 21 notices ensure all the additional documents you need to manage your properties are in one place.
  • It is important for students to understand the boundaries of their agreement- what better way to ensure they abide by it than by making it readily accessible.
  • Legislate’s Activity Tab ensures that you are notified at all stages of the contracting process- where you have multiple tenants in a property it is important to keep on top of it!

How to create a Student Tenancy agreement with Legislate

Creating a Student Tenancy agreement with Legislate is straightforward. The landlord simply needs to specify the contract's terms, such as its duration and the deposit payable, to create their agreement. They can invite the student(s) when they are happy with it.

Once the student has reviewed the preview and accepted the terms they can sign.  

Student tenancy walkthrough

For more information on how to create your agreements with Legislate, sign up, read our Student Tenancy Agreement tutorial or book an introductory call with one of our team members.

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Student Tenancy Agreement

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