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When issuing a section 8 notice it is crucial that your tenant can access it at ease and that you can ensure your tenant has access to it. No one enjoys issuing a section 8 so why not make it easier for you and your tenants.


This short tutorial will explain how you can create and deliver section 8 notices within minutes on Legislate. 

The first step is to set the terms of the notice. Users just need to select the ground for notice and then it will auto-populate, saving you time and giving you confidence.

Screenshot of the Legislate Terms Tab

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A preview  of your notice will now be ready for you. 

Screen Shot of the Legislate contract

You will now need to specify the parties to whom the notice needs to be served. 

Screenshot of the Legislate People Tab

They will be sent an email notifying them of the notice and inviting them to view it on the platform. It is crucial that notices are communicated to tenants in a fast, efficient and fair way.  

Parties can use the Activity Tab to communicate with each other, keeping all of your communications in one place. 

Screenshot of the Legislate ActivityTab

Both parties are then invited to sign the notice. 

Our users prefer Legislate because our templates take the work out contracting. Legislate assists users through all stages of contract management and our users like being able to serve readily available notices on the back of their Legislate ASTs. With our address book, notices are quick and easy to serve as the platform auto-saves all information relating to the AST. 

You can learn more about Legislate's Section 8 notices by visiting our contracts page.

If you would like to legislate your section 8 notices, please join our waiting list or book a call with us to discuss your requirements and see a demo.

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