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What is a Section 8 Notice

A section 8 notice is an eviction notice that starts the legal process to end an assured shorthold tenancy. Section 8 notices are served under a variety of grounds where the tenant is in breach of the tenancy agreement and wants to reclaim the property.

Key features of the Legislate Section 8 Notice?

  • Landlords issuing a section 8 notice can have confidence that their section 8 notice has been delivered to the tenant.
  • Our users like having all details relating to their property on one platform

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Main benefits of managing your Section 8 Notices with Legislate

  • Our users like having all documents relating to their tenancy stored in one, easily accessible place
  • Legislate’s address book makes serving notices extremely quick as all details relevant to the tenant can be prefilled
  • On Legislate, once the user has entered the ground for the notice, the terms of the notice will auto-populate, saving our users time and giving them confidence they have served the notice correctly.

How to create a Section 8 Notice

Landlords simply have to set the terms of the notice, specify the parties to whom the notice needs to be served and wait for the tenant to view and sign the notice. Parties can use the Activity Tab to discuss any terms relating to the notice and the landlord can receive updates as to the progress of the notice, giving them the confidence that proceedings are in the process.

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