What is Docusign and what alternatives are there?

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What is DocuSign? 

Docusign is a Saas company that allows its users to send documents electronically to be signed. The electronic signature platform is designed to accelerate the signing process of documents, provide an easily accessible audit trail of documents and provide a paperless alternative. Users simply need to upload their reusable templates to the Docusign platform and invite parties to sign it via their email address where they will receive notifications to electronically sign (e-sign) the document. As a user-friendly platform, Docusign can be signed on a mobile device or via its mobile app (ios and android compatible). User can streamline their contracting processes by getting the templates they have uploaded quickly, efficiently and greenly. Docusign also has some key integrations with other software providers, such as Google and Evernote, to ensure that users can drag and drop documents and operate a seamless workflow. 

What are some of the Docusign alternatives?

There are a range of Docusign alternatives offering software solutions to streamline the contracting processes and automate parts of a client's CRM and workflows.  In this section we discuss some of Docusign's competitors and alternative electronic signature solutions (esignature solutions). 

SignNow has developed a cloud-based e-signature software to create a platform that allows users to create and scale eSignature workflows. Sign now allows users to sign and send documents, generate documents, accept payments and automate their processes. Users on SignNow can integrate with CRMs and apps, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Word, Google Docs via an api and can add their custom branding to agreements. SignNow differs from Docusign, Adobe Sign and HelloSign in that it allows roles to be set up in the editor. 

HelloSign is another digital signature software that allows users to sign documents electronically. As a Dropbox company, membership bundles can include 3 TB of secure DropBox storage and large file transfers can be sent to anybody. Like SignNow, Hellosign also offers integrations, such as to Google Drive, Gmail and Slack.  

PandaDoc provides sales processes software to businesses. It allows users to create, approve, track and electronically sign documents. PandaDoc also has the possibility to integrate into existing workflows, such as Zoho, Hubspot and Zapier, and provides contract templates for marketing, sales and HR departments. 

Signeasy have also development a digital signature software solution aimed to simplify business workflows. Providing e-sign solutions for a variety of sectors, such as banking, education, construction, HR, IT, legal and sales, Signeasy also allows users to plugin to their other providers, like. Signeasy targets its platform towards small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

Legislate is an alternative digital signature software platform that allows its users to create, sign and manage tailored contracts electronically. Legislate provides updated contract templates which users can make customisable to each transaction and business need by using patented technology that acts as a reliable document editor. Legislate offers multiple formats of the contract, ranging from traditional PDFs to breakdowns of the key terms of the contract to ensure that users understand the agreement. Using its patented technology, Legislate also ensures that users understand their contracts post-signature by providing useful document management and contract management tools. 


E-signature Pricing 

E-sign companies often have a selection of pricing plans that reflect the number of contracts and documents a business will send. The pricing scales from a free plan to an enterprise plan. In the free versions, users are typically restricted in their ability to sign the agreement, acting as more of a demo model, and in the enterprise and business  plans additional features beyond signing documents, such as adding team members and integrations, are often included. The variety of plans ensure that pricing reflects a business' needs to ensure that small businesses to large enterprises can benefit from streamlining their contracting processes.

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