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Create lawyer approved contracts with Legislate on any device

Why download a template when you can have the end-to-end?

Legislate is the only contract management platform built for non-lawyersCreate and electronically sign all your agreements from one place.

Create contracts from the get-go
Choose a lawyer-approved agreement from our template library and configure the contract terms directly in Legislate.
Collaborate on the agreement with your team and invite the parties from the other side to Legislate via email.
Legislate is a contract management software which is:
Easy to use
Easy to use
Robust software
Transparent terms
Secure platform
Save time
Legislate helps you produce error-free contracts quickly and handles your cross team communication until the contract is signed via e signature, saving you 3 hours per contract on average.
Offer a better user experience
Businesses and tenants prefer contracting via Legislate because the contract terms are easy-to-understand and contracts can be accessed at anytime from any device.
Top security
Legislate is a secure contract management solution which is protected using state of the art authentication technologies.
Advanced contract management
Patented knowledge graph technology generates compliant contracts and ensures you never worry about renewing contracts again. Take control of your contracts with powerful contract management features.
Complete suite of documents
Access all the essential types of contract templates you need to manage your business and properties including:
Up-to-date templates
Legislate's contract templates are up-to-date with the latest legislation and you can visit our key dates for landlords for additional updates.
You can also read our blog for updates which include guidance on the Section 8 and Section 21.
Download our white papers and contract guides to take your contract management to the next level.
Fair Contracts
Legislate's contract templates have been reviewed by legal professionals to ensure they are fair and robust enough to protect both sides.
Legislate's contracts are written in plain English to make it easier to understand for people who aren't lawyers.
Legislate allows you to tailor your contract template to your specific requirements by answering simple questions.

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Lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget.
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Free Contract Storage
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Free Contract Storage
Free for invited parties
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Priority Support
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Unlimited Contracts
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Contract Analytics
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