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What happens if you can't track contract changes?

When parties make changes to contracts, it can be difficult to track these changes which means that contracts need to be reviewed again from scratch each time a change occurs.

What if an automated system tracked contract changes for you?

Legislate records every contract change in a centralised ledger which can be accessed by all contract parties. This means that contract parties can cross reference the change to the relevant clause without needing to review the whole agreement.

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How Legislate's activity tab tracks contract changes

Legislate's activity tab acts as a centralised ledger where all contract updates are recorded. Updates are recorded whenevere a term is changed in the contract or a party invited to the agreement which means contract parties have complete visibility of the contract's state.

What else can you do with Legislate?

Legislate is an easy-to-use contract management platform which offers standardised legal documents which you can tailor on your own by answering simple questions. Legislate allows you to streamline your contracts whilst offering a professional experience. Moreover, with Legislate you can access key contract statistics in real-time. To get started, read a tutorial, book a demo or sign up to Legislate now!

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