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Why are contract rights and obligations important?

Contract breaches are more likely to occur whenever a party is not fully aware of their rights and obligations. To understand their obligations, parties will need to read and understand their contract which can be challenging for people who do not have retained legal support.

What if a contract could automatically highlight each side's rights and obligations?

Legislate highlights each side's rights and obligations so that parties do not need to sift through a contract and interpreet clauses to work out what they are.

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How Legislate visualises contract rights and obligations

Legislate represents contract rights and obligations visually so that each side can understand them straight away. Moreover, key contract terms are represented as questions and answers which helps improve the understanding of contract terms.

What else can you do with Legislate?

Legislate is an easy-to-use contract management platform which offers standardised legal documents which you can tailor on your own by answering simple questions. Legislate allows you to streamline your contracts whilst offering a professional experience. Moreover, with Legislate you can access key contract statistics in real-time. To get started, read a tutorial, book a demo or sign up to Legislate now!

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