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Why are signature reminders a challenge?

Reminding contract parties to sign can be challenging when signature remindeers are not automated or handled in a centralised fashion. Signature reminders are even more challenging when there is no direct communication with the signatories which can cause delays and ultimately threaten the execution of the contract.

What if a contract could automate signature reminders for you?

Legislate automatically sends signature reminders to signatories so that they can promptly sign their agreements. Moreoever, contract collaborators are notified whenver a signatory has signed which helps build momentum in the signature process.

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How Legislate automates contract signature reminders

Legislate sends signature reminders every 48 hours until a contract is signed. Signature reminders also include a breakdown of who has and who is yet to sign to help accelerate the signature process. Signature reminders are sent via email and include a link to the contract to make contract signing easier.

What else can you do with Legislate?

Legislate is an easy-to-use contract management platform which offers standardised legal documents which you can tailor on your own by answering simple questions. Legislate allows you to streamline your contracts whilst offering a professional experience. Moreover, with Legislate you can access key contract statistics in real-time. To get started, read a tutorial, book a demo or sign up to Legislate now!

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