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Why are contract creation workflows repetitive?

High volume contracts such as employment or tenancy agreements usually contain terms which are common across contracts. However, these terms can change which is why they tend to be recreated each time.

What if you could easiliy re-use contract data when creating new contracts?

Legislate allows contract creators to autofill repetitive contract terms with answers from previous contracts. This means that contracts can be created quickly whilst reducing the risk of errors.

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How Legislate allows you to autofill contract terms using your historical contracts

To autofill contract terms using Legislate, create a new contract and simply select which contract you'd like to use as a baseline for the new agreement. You can also start a blank contract if it is safer and more convenient to do so.

What else can you do with Legislate?

Legislate is an easy-to-use contract management platform which offers standardised legal documents which you can tailor on your own by answering simple questions. Legislate allows you to streamline your contracts whilst offering a professional experience. Moreover, with Legislate you can access key contract statistics in real-time. To get started, read a tutorial, book a demo or sign up to Legislate now!

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