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When talking about business ventures with new people, the last thing you want to be doing is slowing down the process by filling out contracts to let the discussion process begin.

Contracts on Legislate are robust, simple and quick to create, allowing you to get on to the important discussions!

This short tutorial will explain how you can create a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)  with Legislate in minutes.  

The first step is to set the terms of the agreement. Legislate ensures your agreement contains all the key terms, providing the parties with sufficient coverage.

Legislate Terms tab

Next, once you have answered Legislate’s questions about the NDA, a first draft will be available for preview. The contract can be prepared by the person who has the authority to sign or one of their assistants.

One way non-disclosure agreement

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The next step is to specify the parties to the agreement. These can be either companies with stated signatories or persons.  

The signatories will then receive invitations to the contract via email. They will be able to update their details when they accept the invitation.


Legislate people tab

Keep up to date with the progress of your contract using the ‘Activity Tab’. Here, parties can communicate with each other about the contract’s terms. Terms can be changed by the contract creator up until the contract has been signed.

Legislate activity tab

Once both parties are happy with the terms of the contract, both parties are invited to sign

The Legislate dashboard is where you’ll be able to keep track of your contract.

Legislate team metrics

Our users prefer Legislate because our templates are thorough and flexible and  because they can access their contract at any time before, during and post agreement from their Legislate vault.

You can learn more about Legislate's NDAs by visiting our contract page!

If you would like to legislate your NDAs and focus your attention on what really matters, please join our waiting list or book a call with us to discuss your requirements and see a demo.

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