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What does a marketing director do?

Valentina GolubovicValentina Golubovic
Last updated on:
July 2, 2022
Published on:
June 20, 2022

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A marketing director is responsible for promoting the company's brand, products and services. They devise marketing strategies to attain this goal through the content, website, marketing campaigns, leads and other marketing tools.

Main duties of a marketing director

Build relationships

One of the primary responsibilities of a market director is to generate leads for the company. A lead is a prospective customer therefore more leads equals more sales. Building and nurturing those meaningful connections will impact whether that lead will substantiate anything. A marketing director will aim to streamline the lead generation process and increase opportunities for business growth.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is an important digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness by driving customers to the website. This involves creating relevant and quality content around your product or service that targets the intended consumer. SEO is vital for business as more and more services are offered and advertised online therefore it is an important task that marketing personnel should keep an eye on to remain competitive.

Enhance brand awareness

The role of the marketing manager is to ensure that the target market is familiar with the product or service that the company has to offer. When customers are in need of a product it's the marketer's role to ensure the business is at the forefront of the customer's mind. Brand awareness builds confidence and trust which results in new and returning customers which is vital for the growth of the business.

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Skills and qualifications 


A marketing director's day-to-day will include looking at competitors, website traffic, users and other vital aspects of the business or the market. This means they need to have analytical skills to spot strengths and weaknesses to be able to formulate a strategy. A good marketing director can think critically, analyse data, and then make a strategic decision based on that information. There are many pitfalls that a successful employee will need to navigate to keep the company afloat. They need to be able to think on their feet and act quickly.

Leadership skills

The marketing director must have strong leadership skills since they will most likely be responsible for managing a team. They set strategic goals and ensure that their department is working to accomplish these goals. They also work closely with other executive management and department, for example, sales, to ensure that there are clear lines of communication between departments.

Project management skills

A marketing director will be responsible for running and advertising campaigns, promotions and events. Time management, organisation and attention to detail are important as they will have to coordinate with other departments to ensure everything runs smoothly.


A marketing director has to communicate with the marketing team as well employees from other teams. The main aspect of their job is to raise brand awareness through communication channels such as social media, email and websites therefore it's vital that a marketing director has excellent communications skills.

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