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The Legislate team's favourite features - Part 2

Charles BrecqueCharles Brecque
Last updated on:
January 21, 2022
Published on:
November 9, 2021

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After highlighting the top 5 features from the Legislate community and the first part of our favourite features from the Legislate team series, in this article we will continue sharing the Legislate team’s favourite features. If you would like to join over 1000 members who use Legislate to streamline their property and business contracts on no legal budget, sign up today for a free trial.

Olivia Evans
Olivia Evans,
Business Development Representative

The Legislate dashboard is an easy way to keep track of all of your contracts in one virtual filing cabinet. The dashboard is clear and easy to navigate, acting as a cockpit for the app where all of your existing contracts are listed as well as metrics and reminders. Legislate makes it more straightforward than ever to keep track of all your important legal documents - contracts will no longer be lost in your desktop trash bin or in your piles of paperwork. You will always know where each of your contracts are stored and how to easily access them to check your legal rights and obligations.

The Legislate dashboard

Mary Catherine Di Nunzio
Mary Catherine Di Nunzio
Chief Legal Officer

I like knowing that the terms and text of my Legislate contract can’t be changed by the other side. Pdfs can be modified and versions are difficult to track in an email thread. Legislate contracts are only accessible from within the platform and can’t be edited which means I don’t need to triple check that the other side has made changes.

Legislate Terms Tab

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Manuel Gutiérrez
Manuel Gutiérrez
Mid Level Full Stack Developer

I like that every Legislate contract has a set of frequently asked questions which can be viewed directly in the contract by simply toggling the FAQ button. It's a useful feature for understanding the key terms of your contract when you’re not a legal expert. Moreover, if you're the person creating a contract it’s a convenient way for quickly seeing which elements of the contracts can change.

Legislate contract FAQs gif

Catherine Boxall
Catherine Boxall
Growth Analyst

Organising contracts is one of the most important aspects of business organisation yet it can be very difficult to create an organised system. The ‘Teams’ function on Legislate was created with this in mind. For example, businesses can create ‘Teams’ for each of their employees to access each employee's signed employment contracts, letters and privacy policies or they can create Teams organised by contract type. Similarly, landlords and letting agents can organise their contracts by house, street or area so they can easily access the contracts related to their properties. With Legislate hosting a suite of contracts the Teams functionality is great in bringing all of your contracts together.

Legislate Team Management

The second part has highlighted the favourite features from the Legislators. You can read the first part where we discussed signature reminders, document builders and file management. If you are not yet a Legislate member, please sign up. You can also read our Legislate tutorials and book an introductory call if you have additional questions.

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