How to Legislate

Generate your legal contracts in no time at all. 

Olivia Evans
May 21, 2021
Generate your legal contracts in no time at all. 

Generate your legal contracts in no time at all. 

You don't need to learn to Legislate.

Contracts come into our everyday lives all of the time without us realising, buying a coffee in a cafe, online shopping for new clothes, as well as for businesses selling goods to customers - these are all contracts. 

Thankfully we don’t need to draw up a written agreement everytime we do some of these everyday tasks, but what about when you do need a physical contract for a simple agreement? 

Legislate is an end-to-end contracting platform for the unlawyered that allows users to create low-value and simple, yet important contracts fairly, quickly and with no legal budget. These types of contracts are those that you wouldn’t typically negotiate nor need a lawyer for every agreement but it is still vital that they are completed properly. 

On Legislate, you can set the terms of your contract flexibly without using an online template, giving you reassurance that your contracts will contain all of the necessary terms without any outdated, and possibly now illegal, clauses. You can also access helpful tips and materials to help you through your contracting.

What type of contracts do you need?

Legislate understands that creating contracts requires a certain level of legal knowledge and awareness. We also understand that hiring a lawyer for these agreements is pricey and often seems unnecessary. That’s why we make the contracting process accessible and straight-forward for the unlawyered to create contracts on your own.

All of our contracts are lawyer-reviewed by our Chief Legal Officer and up-to-date with the latest changes in the law, so you don’t have the worry of important terms being left out. 

Here is a list of some of the contracts available to create on Legislate: 

Once you’ve entered the terms, by answering a few questions, Legislate generates a contract specific to your needs.  

Legislate contracts are easy to understand as we believe that the low-value agreements that we are talking about should come without the legalese.

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