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Catherine BoxallCatherine Boxall
Last updated on:
October 26, 2023
Published on:
April 8, 2022

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In our digital world, getting your new small business online is one of the most important things you can do to boost your new business’ brand and attract new customers. Ensuring that your startup has an online presence is a crucial step that entrepreneurs can make early on in their journey to get their business name out there. In this article we discuss and explain the many different ways small businesses owners can get online quickly and easily and start reaching potential customers. 


An obvious way to get your business online is to set up a business website so that you can create brand awareness and potentially sell online. Whilst building your own website might seem intimidating there are several tools, such as website builders, that help beginners create strong websites with templates that assist with website design. Before you do so you will want to purchase a domain name for your website. For example ours is When designing your website you will want to ensure that the home page (or landing page) of your website describes clearly and visibly what your business does and how it can help the user who has found your page. 

Creating a website is a great way to drive traffic to your business and to help people find you, as opposed to you finding them. Once you have developed your website and are happy with your web design, you will want Google to rank your page. In order to do so, consider enlisting the expertise of a NYC branding agency to develop a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and improve your Google ranking. SEO is basically the process of improving the amount of people who visit your website through non-paid means. You can increase SEO in a variety of ways but it is common for businesses to create a blog page to create relevant content to their business and customer base so that when people search for a problem your blog article comes up as the solution. You can read more about SEO strategies but when embarking on an article-driven approach it is crucial that you do keyword research to ensure that the content of the article is relevant. 

In order to assess how many people have visited your site and to improve you can use a host of tools, such as Google Analytics, that will break down the data for you. 

Google maps

When you Google a company and you see it on Google maps with an attached website and contact details we tend to think that they are legitimate. Getting your business on Google maps is a great way to improve your visibility and is particularly useful for local business. 


How to add my company to Google Maps: 

  1. Sign into Google Maps 
  2. Enter your company address in search 
  3. In business profile on the left, click add your business 
  4. Follow the instruction on screen to set up your profile, such as by adding a website and name 
  5. Select finish 

You can also use Google reviews to add testimonials to this page by sending your clients a link in your Business Profile. 

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Social media

The most obvious way to get your business online is to open social media accounts so that you can improve your online marketing. Social media platforms such as Instagram are great for content marketing and, if suited to your business you can create a marketing strategy to make use of influencers to boost your brand. Equally, you ideal customer might be active on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter so you need to keep this in mind when starting your digital marketing strategy. 

Setting up a LinkedIn business page for your business it also a great way that you can improve your company’s searchability, especially as LinkedIn profiles, like Facebook profiles, are easily findable via google search. Setting up a LinkedIn business page is simple and we explain it below.

How to set up a LinkedIn business Page? 

  1. Click the ‘Work’ icon in the far right corner of your LinkedIn Page 
  2. Select ‘Create a company page (at the bottom of LinkedIn Business Services)
  3. Choose which type of company suits your business 
  4. Enter your company name, paste a URL (you cannot change the URL in future)and enter the details about your company
  5. Add a square sized logo of 300 x 300 pixels 
  6. Add a tagline about your business 
  7. Once you are happy with select ‘Create Page’ 
  8. Use the pencil icon on your company page to make future edits to your company description and company specialities 
  9. Select ‘Publish’ once you are happy and your page will go live  



The last way you might want to get your business ‘online’ is to make part of your sales strategy online in the same way your marketing strategy might include social media. For example, you could develop an email marketing campaign by collecting email addresses of your target customers to send them content, discounts or promotions via an email list. 

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