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November 23, 2022
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January 13, 2022

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Content marketing can be a great way for startups to increase their online visibility and attract potential customers. With the proliferation of social media channels and different types of content, it can be overwhelming to know how to develop a successful content marketing strategy strategy from scratch. An effective content marketing strategy for startups requires more than publishing a blog post every now and then. This articles shares content marketing tips for startups so that you can successfully create content which resonates with your target audience and attracts customers.

How to define a successful content marketing strategy?

It is important to define your target audience before starting any form of content creation or keyword research. This is important because your target customers will define the pieces of content you should be producing. For example, if you are targeting enterprise customers then they will be looking for white papers and case studies with credible customer testimonials whereas if you are targeting gen Z consumers then you should consider developing video content and other forms of video marketing which can be shared on social media.

Once you have defined your target audience, you should build persona profiles to ensure you have content which defines each of their problems and addresses each of their perspectives on the pain points with the intention of slowly making them consider your product or services as a valid solution. You can also vary the content types to offer a holistic customer journey to your buyer personas. Mapping out your content plan in a spreadsheet and using a content calendar can be a great way to maintain a constant publishing cadence of high quality content and ensure you meet your business goals. Applying this approach to your content creation process will help you identify content gaps and brainstorm new content ideas.

How to leverage SEO for your content strategy?

Search engine optimisation can be a great way to attract more traffic to your content which will in turn relevant your content marketing strategy and attract more customers. Search engines will rank your content and recommend it to web searchers if they feel it is high-quality and will solve the queries web searchers are raising. There are a number of techniques and playbooks to optimise your search engine efforts as it can be a great way for startups to increase their organic traffic and attract new customers. Publishing quality content on a regular cadence for your target personas will allow you to build some topical authority in your space which will in turn organically attract backlinks and inbound customers. Producing other forms of content such as graphic content, video content and podcasts and associating them with your blog posts will also improve the results of your inbound marketing efforts.

How to distribute your content on social media?

Once you have started to publish great content, you can distribute it on social networks such as Linkedin, facebook, instagram and twitter. You can distribute the content as links back to your website or as template snippets which are optimised for the respective social networks. Building a following on the social networks is a great way to build brand awareness and social proof that your business is real.

How to distribute your content with email marketing

People who enjoy your content might sometimes wish to subscribe to your blog for updates. Thanks to email marketing campaigns, you can nurture these leads into customers by sharing relevant content and additional details about your solution. These email subscribers will the turn into website traffic and therefore potential customers.

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How to offer a complete customer journey with Podcasts?

Effective content marketing requires offering a complete content journey to your target audience. Whilst regular content and social media posts are effective, they can become more effective with webinars and podcasts. Offering visual and audio content of you and your team speaking is the ultimate proof that your business is real and it can be a great opportunity to explain to prospects why your approach is unique.

How to boost your content strategy with influencers?

Influencers can augment your content strategy. A content marketing campaign can be boosted with the help of influencer marketing. Influencers are people who have built a significant following in their domain and can be found on social media. Entrepreneurs can consider partnering with influencers via an endorsement or guest post in order to boost their visibility and reach. Whilst you might need to pay an influencer initially, you will benefit hugely if they decide to use your product as they will naturally share it to their followers.

How to track your progress?

In order to determine if your content marketing efforts are working, you will need to have the right tools to track your conversions and website metrics. Tools like google analytics and google search console allow you to quickly identify your most successful content and the queries they are ranking for. You can also use these metrics to identify good content which needs to be re-optimised or repurposed. Using tools like hoot suite are a great way to monitor your performance on social media pages. Having a good visibility of these metrics will allow you to determine if your content marketing strategy is resonating with the right audience and whether your marketing budget is optimising the marketing channels effectively.

In this article we have shared tips for developing and monitoring a great content marketing strategy which is suitable for startups as it won't require a huge marketing team to implement. Setting ambitious marketing goals will allow your small business to offer via quality content a complete customer journey for your target audience which will then in time lead to inbound customers.

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