How Can Founders Utilise Video to Grow Their Startup?

Charles BrecqueCharles Brecque
Last updated on:
December 16, 2022
Published on:
October 11, 2022

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As a budding entrepreneur or a business founder, marketing your brand might be a top priority for growing your business. Nonetheless, marketing is a vast industry, and finding the proper measures to advertise your brand can be incredibly challenging if you are new to the industry.

One of the many forms of marketing is video. A video is a powerful tool that marketers and business founders are leveraging globally to boost their sales. However, various elements and strategies go hand in hand with ensuring that your videos are engaging enough to grab your prospective customer's attention. Discover below some of the most outstanding tips that you can utilise to create videos that draw your audience towards your brand.

1. Start with a Bold Introduction

The introduction of your video is undeniably the most crucial aspect of making it as it determines whether or not your audience will continue watching it until the very end. In a way, it establishes the first impression among your viewers. You can start the intro of your video in various ways, such as displaying your business goals, explaining your business's core values and beliefs, what this video serves as, and so on. In a nutshell, you aim to educate your viewers on what your brand is all about.

That being said, when creating the introduction of your video, you want to ensure that the intro is crisp, engaging, and instantly grabs the attention of your viewers.

2. Make Customer Testimonial videos

Customer testimonial videos are incredibly beneficial when it comes to marketing your brand organically. They play an excellent role in offering transparent and genuine insights into the experiences of customers that invested in your company.

Thankfully, videos are convenient because you can film them literally anywhere. This is why you can ask your customers to shoot testimonials to attempt to boost the trust factor among your customers and customers. Humanise your brand by putting a real person on your screen instead of creating mundane animated videos.

3. Optimise Your Videos for SEO

One of the quintessential tips that most experts might give you is to give importance to SEO. You might already be familiar with Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the very basis that establishes your online presence. SEO is more effective when you leverage video marketing to build your business. Incorporating a video into the landing page of your company website or even social networking sites can drastically impact how often you appear on the top of well-known search engines.

Moreover, adding videos to relevant platforms can boost the time your prospective customers spend on your website. Altering your marketing strategy according to SEO is highly beneficial if you want your audience to drive action. Make sure that you add relevant keywords to your video titles and descriptions and further include a strong call-to-action so that your video serves its purpose.

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4. Break Down Your Products

You can create some of the most incredible videos but not be able to make some serious sales. And this might be because your audience isn’t able to comprehend your products. The most prominent step involved in creating videos that stick with your audience is the ability to break down your products for better understanding. Your customers generally appreciate products that create some sense of value.

Moreover, customers can easily get distracted while watching your videos, as humans generally have a short attention span. There are some techniques that will keep the audience hooked: add subtitles to make the video more accessible, use pop-ups on the screen to focus on little details, or even reverse the video at some point to break up the monotony.

When your products are complicated to understand, try and simplify them for your audience so they can find your products relevant. Try and illustrate a particular product or service so your audience can understand how it works and how it may benefit them.

5. Humanise Your Brand

As previously stated, humanising your brand is highly vital if you want to build brand loyalty. Most people are interested in seeing the raw version of your company and what makes it unique. Videos that offer a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes can, in a way, allow your audience to understand the ins and outs of how a particular product is manufactured. Additionally, it allows your audience to connect on a much more personal level with your brand.

Additionally, tray and film meet-the-team videos and other such videos allow your customers to establish a sense of trust with your brand.

6. Publish Your Content on Relevant Social Media Platforms

As the founder of your brand, you have the mere opportunity of reaching a broad range of audiences by simply publishing your videos on relevant social networking sites. With most active social media users, this is a chance for you to discover your target audience and show them something that other brands don’t have. Creating engaging videos with your team is always an excellent idea to make your customers find your products and services more valuable. You can convert images to video for your product to enhance the quality of your video. You must aim to create visually pleasing and informative content, so your audience keeps returning to your videos. To accomplish this, you can use a tool like Veed where you can convert your audio files to MP3 and then insert them into the video—all within one interface! You can also use Veed's built-in video cutter if needed to cut the unwanted parts of your videos and keep only the most important content.

Make sure that you give importance to elements like lighting, camera angle, audio, and so on so that the outcome of the video is nothing less than perfect. Furthermore, ensure that the video has a strong call to action and focuses only on achieving two to three goals so that your marketing efforts don’t go in vain.

Bottom Line

Video marketing is a rather efficient way to advertise your brand. However, the entire video advertising process can be daunting if you can’t analyse where and how to start. This is why comprehensive research and the right strategies ‘can go a long way in helping you create videos that speak volumes about how unique your brand is. Furthermore, the right tools and technologies also work wondrously in ensuring that your videos have a smooth finish and a spectacular appeal.

The above-mentioned points are some top tips you should keep in mind and do extensive research before starting video marketing. With sufficient effort, you can open doors of opportunities for your business while also making some serious sales. However, staying patient throughout the process is essential to ensure that your advertising efforts pay off in the long run.

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