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Last updated on:
May 8, 2022
Published on:
November 9, 2021

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Dominic Parr, Parr Houses, tells us his experiences of using Legislate.

Before using Legislate how did you manage your contracts with tenants? Where did you get your contracts from?

"Prior to using Legislate, I used a standard contract that I use every year. The last time I had the contract reviewed was in 2015: I guessed a whole lot of law had changed since then.
I used to drive to the properties, holding a copy of the tenancy agreement for each tenant. Whilst it was great to meet the students, it was a laborious and time consuming process- particularly when, inevitably, one student would be unavailable meaning I had to return the following day.
Thankfully, we had Legislate in place before the start of the pandemic. Otherwise, the process would have been a nightmare. Being unable to meet the students, the process of emailing, converting, copying, signing and scanning the agreements would not have only been tiresome but I imagine it would have been open to error.”

What were the difficulties with your old approach?  

“Alongside being time consuming, laborious and therefore costly, it was very easy to make mistakes - particularly on emails - which looked highly unprofessional
Further, with contracts being repeatedly signed and scanned I did worry whether they would even be enforceable.” 

What made our product stand out for you? How has Legislate changed this experience? 

“I knew using Legislate would save me time.” 

“Managing several properties, it can be difficult to view them in the round. Having all our contracts stored on one online platform, with the ability to group contracts into houses, was hugely appealing- especially due to all the paper stores we have of contracts over the years.” 

Can you estimate how much time you have saved using the Legislate platform? 

“I have certainly saved hours using Legislate. If I were to guess, I would say I have saved at least 3 hours on average per house/contract. Of course this time also transpires to saved costs.” 

Curious about automated data extraction from documents?

Have you found the platform easy to use? 

“The platform just makes sense- it’s almost instinctive. Everything is where you expect it to be and selecting, altering and negotiating terms has never been easier.” 

What do you think Legislate’s best feature is? 

“Aside from what I have already mentioned, the dashboard feature is particularly fresh. It is interesting to look at the metrics -I previously had to manually register these in an Excel sheet.” 
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Read our tutorial to learn how to create your tenancy agreements in minutes with Legislate. If you would like to find out if Legislate would be a good fit for your business, please feel free to a book a demo or sign up.

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