5 reasons to hire a social media intern

Catherine BoxallCatherine Boxall
Last updated on:
November 19, 2022
Published on:
January 17, 2022

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Social media campaigns now form a central role in a company's digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing can boost a startup's brand awareness (we've all seen Thursday on LinkedIn) and can help a businesses organic traffic through boosting SEO. Hiring a social media is great way to devote time to your social media strategy and for assistance in content creation. In this article we discuss 5 reasons to hire a social media intern.

1. Try new things out

Hiring a marketing intern to develop your social media is a great way to test different ideas and is an attractive internship program for recent graduates wanting to gain experience. When managing a small business, your team will often be focused on their exact role and might struggle to take on the task of trialling different ideas for social media. Hiring an intern to take on this role is therefore a useful way to ensure that your current team can continue their work that might be central to your business' operations whilst the intern can use their time to tap into their creativity and try out new things.

2. Develop a strategy

Having tried things out, an intern might be best placed to create a social media marketing strategy for your business. An intern working full time will have the time and capacity to devote to building a watertight strategy across several social networks to boost your business' social media presence. Such interns will likely have a specific interest and experience in social media  (even informally) and can therefore bring a unique skillset to your business that understands the different platforms and how they can be leveraged.

3. Content creation

Hiring interns is also useful post development of your strategy. Content creation will form a central part of this strategy and getting it right is crucial to its success. Content marketing is a great way to advertise your product to your followers and hiring an intern, such as a university student, to do this part time alongside their studies is a great way to product quality social media posts. Platforms such as Paperound are a great way for startup founders to find interns on demand.

Aside from their interest and knowledge, getting a new person onboard to create your content will likely lead to better quality content. If you are using social media to promote your product, having a fresh set of eyes that does not know the product inside out like your existing team will ensure that the content you are producing can be understood.

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4. Identify potential clients and partnerships

Hiring a social media intern is also a great way to identify potential clients, partnerships or influencers to promote your product. Interns should be able to identify what social media these persona are using and can devote time to identifying and targeting appropriate social media accounts.

5. Build your team

Hiring an intern is also a great way to 'test the water's before hiring a full time employee, such as a social media manager for your marketing team. Hiring an intern allows you to test the use of social media and the individual in question before making a new hire. It will ensure that your new employees are fully trained, integrated with their coworkers and understand the product and your business before they start full-time employment.

In this article we have discussed 5 reasons to hire a social media intern and how they can help you boost your brand, client base and even your team.

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