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What is an Internship Agreement?

An internship agreement allows a person or business to hire interns for a fixed period of time. Depending on whether the intern is being offered basic work experience such as work shadowing or providing services in exchange for a reward, they may be classified as a volunteer or a worker. A volunteer is not be paid during the internship whereas a worker must be paid the national minimum wage (NMW) and may be eligible for a pension. When offering an internship, it is important to understand the nuances between volunteer, worker and employee as a full-time intern working of a long period of time can be considered to be an employee.

An internship agreement must have sufficient intellectual property and confidentiality provisions to ensures that the employer owns the rights to anything developed during the course of the internship and this should remain confidential post termination.

Key features of the Legislate Internship Agreement template

Legislate's internship agreement template is lawyer reviewed and written in plain English. it can be tailored to your requirements by answering simple questions. The Legislate internship contract template allows you to define the start date, end date, hours of work and working days. The intern's duties for duration of the internship can also defined for a worker or volunteer. This means that the internship agreement can be tailored into a paid or unpaid internship agreement depending on the arrangement. The contract also has appropriate wording if the intern is working remotely or if their place of work will be the company's office.

Legislate's internship agreement protects the employer's confidential information and intellectual property rights. The intern must not disclose confidential information about the internship program including but not limited to information relating the internship provider's business, products, affairs and finances, trade secrets, suppliers, clients regardless of the form of the information. The internship provider can also specify a restriction period to prevent the intern worker from joining a competitor or soliciting employees immediately after the internship.

Legislate's contracts also have up-to-date boiler plate clauses such as governing law, disciplinary and grievance procedures the entire agreement clause which allows the Legislate contract if necessary to replace any prior version of an internship agreement you might have created with the intern. The internship agreement will specify the intern's line manager who will also be responsible for providing an internship and health and safety induction.

Main benefits of creating your Internship agreements with Legislate

Legislate is an end-to-end contract management platform which offers a professional and seamless contracting experience for all the involved parties. With Legislate you can:

  • Easily manage your internship agreements from your legislate dashboard
  • Give your interns confidence by offering a professional contracting experience
  • Create all the additional documents you might need during the internship
  • Make employment offer and employment contract agreements post-internship directly with Legislate

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How to create an Internship Agreement with Legislate

To create an internship agreement on Legislate simply set the terms of the agreement and invite the intern to the contract. Once they have previewed the agreement and accepted the terms, you can both sign the agreement.

How to create an internship agreement with Legislate

For more information on how to create your agreements with Legislate, sign up, read our Internship agreement tutorial or book an introductory call with one of our team members.

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