Serving Notices in 2021

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Working out how to reclaim possession of a property can be confusing. The rules surrounding a tenant’s right to remain on the premises are very nuanced, and highly dependent on their behaviour during occupation. Figuring out when notices can be served means you learn how to reclaim possession as quickly as possible.

About this guide

Legislate has compiled a whole host of information on serving notices for letting agents and landlords alike, condensed into one single source. Wondering which formalities need to be undertaken? Curious about how much time you need to give a tenant? Concerned about whether your notice can be invalidated by law? This white paper provides the know-how to make the right decisions for your business yourself, speeding up the process of administration.

Serving Notices with Legislate

It also sets out why you should be moving away from rigid templates and take the leap towards flexible, instantly customizable contracts and documents generated with Legislate.

Serving a notice with Legislate is error-free and simple. Read our tutorial or watch the animation above to find out more.

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