Should I use my home address as the Registered Office?

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When registering a new company with Companies House, it is often convenient to use your home address as the registered address of your new company but there are a number of considerations to take before going ahead.

Are you allowed to register a business at your home address?

If you are renting your home, you might need to obtain consents from your landlord before incorporating a business at your home address as you might not be permitted to run a business from home.

Are you comfortable with your home address being public?

When registering a new business on Companies House, the registered address will be added public. This means that people searching your business will be able to see your business' address. Company directors must also provide a correspondence address which is usually the office's address which means that you should only use your home address if you are comfortable with it being public.

What are the alternatives to registering a business at your home address?

Instead of registering your new business at your home address, you can choose to register it at your office, with your accountants, at a coworking space or alternatively with a virtual office. These options allow you to keep your home address private.

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