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How to write a job description for a Product Manager

Valentina GolubovicValentina Golubovic
Last updated on:
August 11, 2022
Published on:
May 6, 2022

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Writing a job description is an essential part of any job posting. A well-written job description can boost your company's presence in the market, draw in suitable candidates, and ultimately help you fill the position with a qualified candidate. As such, it is essential to do this correctly.

Job title and summary

The product manager's role may vary from business to business and industry to industry. For example, products in the healthcare and entertainment sectors may require different skills and knowledge. It is vital to outline an overview of the role and what you are looking for in an ideal candidate.

Include a company summary that will give candidates an insight into the company culture. A comprehensive overview will attract the ideal candidate who will have a genuine interest in your business and product, reducing any further misunderstandings.

Duties and responsibilities

Some duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Gather customer feedback and changes in market trends
  • Prioritise feedback and product requirements
  • Create roadmaps for upcoming products 
  • Bringing together cross-functional teams to create great products
  • Help to set out a budget and work to it
  • Developing marketing strategies related to new or existing products

Managing a product is a broad discipline, so it's important to explain the role clearly and in detail when advertising for it. A product manager would wear different hats, so it is essential to find a well-rounded individual who can bridge the gaps between the various departments.

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You can narrow down your applicant by being explicit regarding education, experience and achievements. One thing to be mindful of is not to overload this section with unnecessary information. Having an extensive requirement section can deter more than capable candidates from applying. 

Some requirements can include:

  • a Bachelor's degree in any discipline 
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in a market that is specific to your company 
  • proven experience in a team leader role 
  • experience in working with cross-functional teams 
  • basic knowledge or understanding of some coding languages or software (can be specific to your company)

It may seem trivial, but a well-written job description can make the difference in turning away unqualified candidates and attracting high-quality ones. Take some time to give it a good review before posting it online.

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