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How to improve your customer service in 4 steps

Josh ChristopherJosh Christopher
Last updated on:
January 21, 2022
Published on:
January 17, 2022

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Working with customers is a vital part of your day-to-day business. In this article, I will be giving tips to follow to make sure you provide the best customer service and ultimately keep them as your customers!

  1. Be honest
  2. Respond quickly
  3. Put yourself in their shoes
  4. Don’t forget about them!

Be honest

It can be very hard to be honest to clients and customers, especially when things aren’t always going to plan! The customer may have asked you to carry out a task by a certain date but unfortunately, you don’t have an answer yet. Be honest with them, it’s better to tell them what’s happening instead of keeping them waiting. Also, most of the time they will understand as they have also been in that situation at least once.

Respond quickly

This links to the above point because you don’t want your customer to be waiting a day for a response, especially if the matter is urgent. Even if you don’t have the answer or are afraid of their question, responding to their email acknowledging that you have received the email is enough to show you are there to help.

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Put yourself in their shoes

A lot of the time people don’t put themselves in their customer’s shoes. If you do this, you will see their frustrations with the product they are using. It can be difficult to do this as you don’t want to see your product as being “faulty” or “difficult”. However, this can improve the user’s experience of the product which means other users can benefit from it. You can understand them better when making future plans with them/for them, which will ultimately mean better customer retention.

Don’t forget about them

Sometimes when everything is smooth sailing with a customer, for example you have had easy onboarding and they are using the product with no issues, they can be easily forgotten if they don’t say anything or come to you with problems. They notice this! You have to make sure you are keeping in touch with them proactively. By doing this, you will increase customer retention and block out any need to find a new product provider elsewhere, especially if they don't feel wanted or valued.

Overall, providing great customer service is vital for customer retention and revenue growth. There are many benefits which will compound in time. Customer feedback will improve your product and customers will provide testimonials and referrals which lead to more customers buying your product and ultimately grow revenue and the company.

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