What contract do I need to to let out a property to students?

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If you need to to let out a property you should consider using a Student Tenancy Agreement. This page will explain why and how to create your next Student Tenancy Agreement.

A student tenancy agreement is a type of assured shorthold tenancy agreement (also known as an AST) which allows a landlord to let a property to one or more tenants who are students. The term of a student tenancy agreement is 12 months and will end at the end of the 12 months.

Students will usually take a property for an academic year which is why the term of the tenancy is fixed and set to 12 months. Student tenants are usually asked to provide a guarantor to guarantee their rent should they not be able to pay their rent.

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A guarantor agreement can be established separately to the tenancy agreement or alternatively a guarantor can guarantee the rent by signing a student tenancy agreement with a guarantor clause.

A student tenancy agreement will also specify the student and the landlord's respective rights and obligations to ensure a smooth tenancy.

To create a student tenancy agreement which meets your requirements and protects your rights as a landlord, simply register with Legislate and answer some simple questions about your tenancy. In a couple of clicks, Legislate will build a custom student tenancy agreement which will allow you to let out your property to a group of students.

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