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What is a Guarantor Agreement?

A Guarantor Agreement is a contract between a rent guarantor and a landlord that ensures that the guarantor will be responsible for paying the tenant's rent in the event that the tenant is no longer able to, and for the remainder of the tenancy. A guarantor might need to prove they can afford the rent before being able to enter into the guarantor agreement. A rent guarantor is usually requested by landlords for students and young professionals.

Key features of the Legislate Guarantor Agreement

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Main benefits of creating your Guarantor Agreement with Legislate

  • Easily manage your tenancy documents from your Legislate dashboard.
  • Create all the additional documents you might need for your property, such as rent increase letters, section 21s and section 8s. 
  • Finally a guarantor agreement tailored to your company

How to create a Guarantor Agreement with Legislate

To create a guarantor agreement on Legislate simply set the terms of the agreement and invite the parties to the contract. Once they have previewed the agreement and accepted the terms, you can both sign the agreement.

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