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Student lettings benefit from being reliable and lucrative, but they are often difficult to manage. Allocating responsibilities and keeping on top of both side’s obligations can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Sorting out a routine and figuring out best practices is vital to a healthy business.

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Legislate has compiled a whole host of information on student rentals condensed into one single source. Wondering what key clauses to include in the agreement? Curious about your obligations as a landlord? Concerned about whether your property is adequately licensed? This white paper provides the know-how to make the right decisions for your business yourself, speeding up the process of administration. It provides a straightforward pre-tenancy-to management checklist and a useful summary of legal terms so that you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Student tenancies with Legislate

It also sets out why you should be moving away from rigid contract templates and take the leap towards flexible, instantly customizable contracts generated with our Legislate software.

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