How Does Artificial Intelligence improve your writing?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves programming computers or robots to perform tasks associated with intelligent creatures. The term was first coined at Dartmouth College in 1956.

AI has revolutionised human lives. Be it medicine, agriculture, engineering, media technologies, businesses, or tech it has made a significant impact in every human field.  The writing isn’t any different either.

How Does Artificial Intelligence improve your writing?

We have laid out a case for AI being instrumental in improving your writing. This section explains the key areas in which it can help authors.

  1. SEO Optimised Writing

Today almost 63% of the world’s population is using the internet. Google receives millions of blog posts daily. Google uses more than 200 factors to determine the top-ranking search results. These factors include unique content, headings, keyword placements, the length of sentences, article types, backlinks, and other factors.

It is impossible to manually track all these factors. AI-based tools like a word rephraser can convert your rough draft into an SEO-Optimised blog in a matter of seconds. The AI tools like plagiarism changer can remove all duplicates from your drafts, making them unique.

  1. Suitable Word replacements

Writing is a game of words. Every good writer uses his words in sync to create a well-rounded masterpiece. To do that, every writer should have a clear understanding of the literal and functional meaning of words. The vocabulary of a writer plays an important role in the right word selections.

Your choice of words varies concerning your target audience. You can not use primary-level expressions while lecturing to a Ph.D. class, can you?

Similarly, Each word has a significant meaning. Revenge and redemption may sound the same, but their usage is completely different.  However, most writers struggle to do that.

AI allows the tools to place the right words in the right place. This gives a refreshing outlook to your manuscript.

To further illustrate this fact, look at the example of an AI-based paraphraser

A screenshot of a paraphrasing tool

On the right, you can see that keyword adjustments have been made.

  1. Adjusting Content Tone

The tone is another important part of writing. The style should be consistent with your article type and audience. You can not use an informal tone for official business meetings. Similarly, the formal tone can not be used while writing about American pop culture.

Writers struggle to write in an appropriate tone for many reasons. It might include a lack of knowledge, interest, and research on the topic. Also, if your writing skills are ordinary, it is harder to write for a specific audience.  

AI-based tools can understand the content of your original draft and can rewrite it in an appropriate tone. This tone adjustment alone can increase viewership, screen time, and leads from your content.

  1. Engaging Content

The basic purpose of writing is to engage your readers. If a writer can not do that part, there isn’t any point in writing at all. To engage, you need to produce superior quality content.

The articles written by AI tools generate user interest. The articles are adjusted so that people can connect with the words.

  1. Appropriate Sentence Structuring

When we talk about improving writing, this is the most important part. An article is a cluster of sentences joined appropriately. If your sentences lack coherence, the whole article will fall apart.

AI-based tools can improve and place the sentences in their right place. Each sentence expands the meaning of former sentences and then leaves readers waiting for what’s coming next. This helps make a strong, powerful argument.

  1. Linguistic Efficiency

For every writer, linguistic skills are like oxygen. The writer should know all the basics of punctuation, grammar, and other norms. The readers/publishers don’t accept any mistakes at this level.

This issue often arises when you write in a foreign language.  Writers often struggle to understand the linguistic nuances of a new language. This results in a manuscript with basic errors.

The AI-based grammar checker can identify and correct grammatical mistakes.  This makes a proofreader’s job easier. Instead of reading every line, they can simply pass it through an AI grammar checker to get their results.

  1. Ease of Content Creation

AI has made writing easier. It can take care of verbal expressions, word counts, grammar, and all other factors. Modern tools can analyse your live drafts and give appropriate suggestions on spot. This allows writers to generate high-quality content consistently without worrying about other factors.

Due to this writers can now produce content in bulk. The frequently updated content is important for staying on top of SEO rankings.  With AI you can do that with ease.

  1. Saves-Time

AI saves a ton of time. It roughly takes 10 hours to write a 2500 words article. Most bloggers have to rewrite the same content numerous times to stay active. The AI tools can rewrite the same article in a few clicks. This gives you free time to work on other ranking factors.

Since the introduction of paraphrasers, writers are now free from the constant stress of creating daily content.

  1. Eliminating Redundancy

Redundancy means using unnecessary words in your sentences. People read to feed their intellect and learn new perspectives about life and the world. These filler words kill the charm by making a piece dull. The users lose their attention very quickly.  

The AI tools can trim all such words. This helps you get rid of this habit and look for more quality content in your work. AI tools can also expand or condense subjects without using filler words. A writer can use these additional features for replacing redundant words.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for natural language processing. This AI-Based technology enables the computer to understand and interpret human languages and then respond in a comprehensible manner.

By using NLP, AI-based writing software has made writing easier, more efficient, and more accurate. We are living in an age where writers or agencies not using these tools are on the verge of extinction.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence has changed the writing world. It has made the writing process quicker, faster, and more efficient.

This article provided some examples of how AI has helped improve writing.  Give it a read and let us know what you feel about AI’s impact on writing.

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