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February 21, 2022
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February 21, 2022

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Successfully onboarding a new employee requires planning their first week and first months and ensuring administrative tasks such as employment contracts and company policies are sorted ahead of their first day. Successfully onboarding a new hire will improve your employee retention rates and ensure they are productive as quickly as possible. This article explains how you can streamline your new employee onboarding experience with Legislate's contract bundles.

What is your onboarding process for new hires?

Before making a new hire, an employer will send an offer letter to a successful candidate followed by an employment agreement if the offer is accepted. These legal documents are the first of many more to follow which are necessary as part of a new employee onboarding process. For example, employers will need to collect personal data such as contact information, bank details and payslips in order to add the new employee to payroll and set up their pension. In certain circumstances and for certain roles, a job offer might be conditional on a successful background check as part of an employee security vetting process. Ahead of the start date, an employer might also share company policies with the new employee such as a staff handbook or IT policy.

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Do you have an employee onboarding checklist?

Keeping track of your onboarding documents can be tricky without an employee onboarding checklist. The checklist should include both include the documents which need to be signed by the new employee as well as other tasks such as sending them a welcome email, informing them of the dress code or introducing them to team members and managers. Whilst the HR team will be responsible for ensuring the onboarding checklist is completed, both legal and direct managers will be involved to ensure the steps are completed correctly. Using contract management software can ensure the policies and agreements are created and completed on time and that the new starter has all their legal documents in one place.

How to create onboarding documents with Legislate contract bundles

First impressions are essential on your new hire's first day which is why using a contract management platform like Legislate can be a good addition to your onboarding template. Legislate's contract bundles allow you to create all the documents you need to hire an employee without requiring either the hiring manager or the new employee to duplicate information across documents. This streamlines the document creation and filling in workflow whilst offering a professional contracting experience to your new hire. Moreover, with contract bundles you can choose if and when to create the policies to offer a contracting experience which is consistent with your hiring process. To create a contract bundle for your new employee, simply select the hiring a new employee bundle from the list of available bundles and create the documents in your preferred order. For example, an employment contract can be created followed by the employee handbook.

The Legislate dashboard displaying a set of onboarding documents in a new hire contract bundle

Set the terms by answering simple questions and invite the employee to their documents for review and signature by email.

The benefits of onboarding employees with contract management software

Whilst the human resources team might have their own software for managing candidates and employees, without contract management software, the employer will experience unnecessary friction and administrative delays in the contract creation part of the recruitment process and loose access to key contract insights and metrics post-signature. For example, hiring managers can quickly identify which employees are on a shorter notice period or on their probationary period and can easily simulate the impact of hiring new team members on payroll.

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