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How can a slack contract management integration help your business?

Charles BrecqueCharles Brecque
Last updated on:
June 30, 2022
Published on:
June 30, 2022

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Slack is an indispensable tool for companies to quickly communicate and keep contact with their teams. Slack provides many benefits as it simplifies communications across departments and centralises information flows from third party service providers thanks to integrations. A slack integration will for example allow stakeholders to receive a notification in slack when an event has been triggered in their third party solution. Contract management integrations therefore allow legal teams and business stakeholders to efficiently monitor the progress of contracts from slack. This article explains the value of integrating your contract management platform with slack and how it can streamline your contract workflows.

What is a contract process?

Businesses need to follow a number of steps to generate, sign and manage agreements as part of their contract process. A contract process must on the one hand allow agreements to be processed efficiently, but it must also enable key contract terms to be recorded and tracked. For example, a business might have a folder for contract templates, a folder for draft agreements and a folder for signed contracts. Separately, a business might have a spreadsheet to summarise the contract terms in the agreements. Instead of using these separate systems to optimise their contract process, a business might also choose to use a contract management platform.

How can a slack integration improve your entire contract lifecycle management?

Whilst a business might log into their contract management system every now and then, their employees will remain logged into slack or any other employee collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams 24/7. This means that slack integrations can help notify teams whenever a contract management activity is triggered. Agreement collaboration is therefore more efficient with a slack integration because teams can effortlessly keep track of agreement progress. As a result, slack allows teams to review and execute agreements faster. Post signature, a slack integration can also send alerts whenever a renewal or key contract event is coming up, or when a contractual payment has been missed so that teams are always aware and on top of the contract's lifecycle.

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How to streamline business contract workflows with Legislate and slack

If your tech stack includes slack then you should consider using Legislate for your digital contract requirements. The Legislate slack integration can be set up in just a few clicks thanks to Zapier.  The integration allows you to be notified in slack whenever a contract is created and whenever a key contract event occurs such as an amendment request or signature. The Legislate Zapier integration aims to unlock new workflows for your contracts so that digital contracting is connected with your business tech stack. To get started, simply sign up to Legislate and connect your account to your Zapier credentials.

About Legislate

Legislate is a contract creation and management platform used by small businesses and startups across the UK. Once you have established your company, you will likely need to make new hires to help support you. Having gone to the effort of correctly incorporating your company, you will want to ensure that you have robust contracts in place in order to protect your small business. Legislate provides lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget which can be tailored to suit your circumstances in a safe and controlled way. View our contract suite or sign up for free today.

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