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Last updated on:
August 19, 2022
Published on:
August 19, 2022

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Oddbox is a purpose led company fighting food waste with veg boxes which would otherwise have gone to waste. A third of all food grown goes to waste before it has even left the farm because it might be too small or the wrong shape. Oddbox collects fruit and veg which would otherwise go to spare and delivers them to their subscribers. This short article explains what Oddbox is, who it is for and how employers can benefit from using Oddbox.

What is Oddbox?

Oddbox (Oddbox Delivery Ltd) is a UK based company which sources fruit and veg from farmers which would otherwise have gone to waste and delivers them to subscribers in boxes. Subscribers can specify the fruit and veg preferences as well as how frequently they wish to receive a box.

How Oddbox fights food waste

Oddbox fights food waste by contacting farmers in the UK every week to identify produce which would otherwise go to waste. Oddbox will then collect the food and deliver it to subscribers which in turn helps rescue carbon emissions which would otherwise go to waste. Oddbox helps subscribers understand the impact of their choices by determining the carbon emissions and water saved for each food box. Moreover, Oddbox delivers responsibly by only offering overnight deliveries and to certain postcodes.

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Why should employers use Oddbox?

Subscribing to Oddbox as an employer is a great way to offer fresh produce to your employees in a responsible way. Subscribers can choose extra small to large boxes which will be delivered once a week. Oddbox is rapidly growing the number of postcodes it delivers to and covers most addresses in England. By offering a responsible treat to their employees, employers can improve team satisfaction and fight food waste.

How to get started with Oddbox

To sign up and start your first Oddbox delivery, you will need to enter your postcode to determine if the Oddbox delivery is available in your area. You'll then be asked to select the type of box you'd like to order including its size and whether it should contain, fruit, veg or both.

Screenshot of the Oddbox account registration details

The delivery frequency can be set to weekly or every other week. You can access and manage your account at anytime by clicking on the log in button of the Oddbox website. The employer details can be specified at the delivery and payment steps.

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